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This Expert System for ENT is mainly designed to give information about various diseases and symptoms. It also deals with the drugs normally used in ENT and also investigations in ENT medicine.

This ENT Expert System will also help in knowing about the Medical services & Hospital information available in the field of ENT in and around Visakhapatnam.

Diseases of the ears, nose and throat are very common in the general population. Often a flu, which is a viral infection , will give the patient a cold and after a few days there might be a worsening of the condition due to a bacterial superinfection. Accumulations of secretions in the sinuses can cause sinusitis. In the middle ear it can cause first acute otitis media and later this can turn into chronic otitis and eustachianitis with a plugging up of the normal ventilation mechanism of the middle ear.

Industrial noise exposure in the past (saw mills, noisy machine shops, blasting etc.) have caused permanent hearing loss (high frequency), but Workers' Compensation or government legislated prevention rules have been very effective in the last few decades to prevent this type of hearing loss.

In growing children there are polyps (adenoids) that can obstruct the nasal passages. Tonsils are supposed to fight infections. However, in some children after several infections and scar tissue formation the tonsils seems to catch every flu that goes around leading to recurrent tonsillitis. These children need to see the ear/nose/throat specialist (also known as "otolaryngologist") with the view of perhaps having a tonsillectomy, which means that the tonsils have to be surgically removed.









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