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Electrical Shocks


•  The rescuer should be cautious and alert while saving a person with electrical shock

•  If the patient is still in contact with the source of current switch off the source of current, it should be done with the rescuer standing on a dry piece of wooden board

•  Insulated materials include rubber-soled shoes, wooden planks, or piles of newspapers can be used by the rescuer if the current is of low voltage.

•  Rubber gloves, Dry clothing like a coat or a folded newspaper may give some protection, can be used by the rescuer

•  If the current is of very high voltage the rescuer should stand far away from the patient and drag him using a wooden walking stick, dry bamboo pole, wooden plank or a dry rope.

•  Give artificial respiration if necessary

•  Do the necessary first aid for burns

•  Transfer the patient to a hospital as soon as possible

•  Even in cases of mild electrical injuries he must be examined by a doctor as the effects are sometimes felt only after a while.


•  Do not touch the person who is in still contact with the current with bear hands

•  Do not use a pair of scissors or knife to cut the wire which is passing current

•  Don't do local treatment for burns


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