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                          Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is the one who invented the system of Homeopathy. He was born in Germany and was treating his patients like any other Allopath in the beginning. He had many doubts about Allopathy.The more frequent use of medicines caused a temporary suppression of sufferings. In course of time, the disease gains strength and makes the patient weaker year by year. Surely such observations made Hahnemann believe that he was doing much injustice to mankind by over-medication. Then he began to think seriously for a solution.

                          Hahnemann stopped treating patients and began to conduct his new experiments with medicine.He experimented upon his own body so that no one harmed. He made experiments with the juice of Cincona bark. He made a full record of symptoms it produced upon his own body. Then he used diluted doses of the same medicine for a person who was already having similar group of symptoms. He found a miraculous cure. He made same experiment no of times in his body.He constructed his first Materia Medica according to which he used medicines for patients with grand success.In that way Homeopathy came into existence.

                          When Hahnemann first published his observations of Homeopathy, there was a big up-roar in the medical field. An effective revolution took place in medical thought and there was a deviation from the accepted path. It was too much to here for the existing doctors who banished Hahnemann out of jealousy. Success came to him and people began to recognize the truth and usefulness of his work. Hahnemann made effective cures for thousands of people and made his life meaningful.

                          There are two substances around us are of two types: food materials and poisons. Those are conducive to the mind and vital force and nutritive to the tissues of the body can be called foods. Those that cause violent changes and suffering can be called poisons. A human constitution produced sufferings when exposed to poisons. These sufferings are called symptoms and their purpose is to indicate that there is something dangerous going on in the body. They are only indications that are used by nature to alert us. They are not at all diseases and they should not be treated for. The use of pain-killers is prohibited in homeopathy except in certain special cases. Diseases are produces by the use of poisons

                         Symptoms are produced when there is a disease in the constitution. Nature of the disease can be understood by studying the symptoms but never treat the patient for symptoms

                         Nature has invented many things to save us from risks. Your body is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This is the device of nature to save you from the effects of the environment. All such protective measures are managed by the vital force in your body. The ability to behave accordingly is what we call health. Tap water and water gathered in containers do not show this balance of nature. The shade of big trees in forest is warm in winter and cool in summer in the tropical countries. It is after the law of balancing in nature.

                          Man could understand the homeopathic principles by observing such phenomena. Hahnemann had applied this principle in a systematized way and that is what we call homeopathy. He also gave us the verdict that the application of antipathy is dangerous. The sufferings of patients are not at all diseases, they are the results of the fight of the vital body against the existing diseases. Understand there is something wrong when you find symptoms .Do not treat to control the symptoms. Do not classify the symptoms as diseases. The symptoms produced by the body when it is exposed to poison not the effects of the poison but they indicate that a fight is going on between the vital force and the poison. When a poison is introduced in to the body, it produces its effects upon the body at first, then there is a violent reaction produced by the vital force against the poison. This produces symptoms.

                          The first part of the action is called primary action and second part is called the secondary action or reaction to that poison. Suppose a person is suffering from insomnia , a dose of Opium sends him to sleep. This is the primary action of Opium. In the subsequent nights he suffers from worst insomnia. This is due to the secondary action of the vital force against Opium. There was insomnia at first to indicate that there was something wrong in the body. Since Opium suppressed it when used as an antipathy measure, then the constitution felt it dangerous and reacted to produce secondary action

                         Head-ache is not a disease. It occurs to indicate that there is something wrong in the constitution. If we use painkillers it controls the head-ache. Then the vital force reacts violently and expels the medicinal effects. Again there is head-ache as a secondary action. If the use of painkillers is repeatedly done ,it goes on controlling the head-ache. The disease that is indicated by the head-ache goes on increasing until the constitution gets complicated. In the mean while, drugs produces its own disease and the constitution is still more complicated. Pain killers fails to give relief in course of time while the original disease, unchecked, takes a violent turn. This is what happens when antipathy is repeatedly applied.

                         The second method is the Homeopathic method. If you have a warm drink and the application of some warmed oil to the body after exposure to severe sun, then you are saved from sun-stroke since your vitality is protected. When an artificial disease is produced inside the body which is very similar in its symptoms to the original disease, the artificial disease will cure the original disease. For example during sun stroke,after exposure to sun heat, give the patient a warm drink and apply some warm oil to the body. This will cure the patient. The reason is that the warm drink or warmed oil will create some heat inside the body, and this will cure the already existing heat caused by exposure to sunheat.This is the way of treating disease according to the “Law of Similars”. It proves that you have to avoid antipathic measures and prefer Homeopathic measures as far as possible.Observe the following phenomena in nature:

                          1.If small pox attacks a patient suffering from chicken pox,then the chicken pox disappears.Only small pox runs its course.

                         2.An attack of small pox permanently cures long standing boils,ulcers,whooping cough or chronic indigestion.The patient is completely free from these long standing sufferings after an attack of small pox.                          patient whose sight had been affected by chicken pox long time ago,gets an attack of small pox,then the sight defect will be cured permanently.

                         A careful observation of such phenomena in nature reveals a truth.It proves that when two diseases attack simultaneously and if the two diseases have similar symptoms,then the stronger disease takes hold ,while the weaker disease disappers permanently.The stronger disease cures hitherto existing sufferings, provided, they have a similarity with the symptoms of the newly attacked disease .Hahnemann could observe this and and extract a valuable Law of Cure.






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