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    Leprosy is nonfatal disease present in the developing countries. Africa has the highest number of cases followed by India and subcontinent. Leprosy is associated with social stigma. And even mentioned the ancient books like bible and others.

    Causative Agent:

    Leprosy is caused by Mycobacterium-leprae.

    Mode of Spread:

    The exact mode of spread is unknown. It is supposed to be apread by prolonged physical contact like living in crowded slums. It is also said to be spread by droplet infection as the infected persons nasal secretiums contain leprae bacilli.


    It is treated with multi drug therapy.

    1. Dapsone + rifampin + Clofazimine, this is for lepramatus leprosy, for tuberculoid leprosy only dapsone with or without Rifampin or Clofazimine.


    Regular screening of slums, institutions and identification of leprosy cases and treating them till they are cured. Surgical correction of deformities of fingers. Rehabilitation of persons effected with leprosy causing physical deformaties, blindness and other complications.


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