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    Most common infection of the hair among children and debilitated patients. There are three types of pediculosis capaties or head louse, Phumanus or body louse and pthirus pubas, ther pubic louse they feed on the human blood and lay eggs and continue to remain.the eggs laid by these louse affix to the hair and hatch after months.

    Causitive Agent:

    Pediculosis Capaties, Humanus, Pubic louse.

    Mode of Spread:

    They spread from person to person. Body lice spread from person to person who do not change their clothes. Pubic lice are sexually transmitted. These lice can transmit diseases like Louse-borne Typhus , Relapsing fever and Trench fever.

    Signs and Symptoms:

    Severe itching, Presence of nits on the hair.


    The presence of nits and adult lice.


    1% Permethrin application at 10 days interval or 0.5% Malathion, application. Once and single oral dose of Ivermectin . Cloths and bedding should be deloused by hot dryer, Fumigation.


    Regular delousing with permithrin and care of cloths and bedding.


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