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    Epidemics of plague are mentioned in the holy books like BIBLE and BHAGAWAT PURANA. They were aware of the host factor i.e. the rat .Holly books advised that as soon as the dead rats are seen, the house should be vacated. Plague can occur as an Endemic and can burst into an Epidemic. It repapered in BARODA as an Epidemic after a gap of 28 years.

    Causative Agent:


    1. It is a gram –ve bacteria.
    2. They are present in the blood, spleen, bubos, and sputum in cases of pneumonic plague.

    Mode of spread:

    1. A common rat is a reservoir of bacteria and when the rat dies the rat flee, which sucks blood from the rat.
    2. Application of Kajal \ Surma.


    1. Application of Antibiotic eye-ointment at least five days in a month.
               Eg: 1% Tetracycline, Erythromycin, Rifamicin.


    1. Identify groups where Trachoma is prevalent.
    2. Improve personal hygiene and the living conditions.
    3. Mass application of Antibiotic eye ointment at least five days in a month.


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