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    Tetanus is a disease effecting muscles and nerves.It is present all over the world. Persons are infected by tetanus spores present in the soil and excreta of animals.

    Causitive Agent:

    It is caused by a bacteria Clostridium Tetani.

    Mode of Spread:

    The tetanus spores which are present in the soil enter the human body through punctured wounds. New born babies whose umbilical chord is cut with unsterile knife, the spores enter the child causing neo-natal tetanus and death. It can also spread through unsterile instruments used in surgery.


    Tetanus can be treated with Pencillin and other antibiotics and tetanus human immuno globulin.


    By antitetanus vaccine, given to alla children in three doses plus a booster dose given during further injury.Due to effective vaccination of new born and adults we rarely come across tetanus cases.All the pregnant woman receive two doses of anti tetanus during pregnancy.


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