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Agricultural Farm Workers

Accident Hazards


  • Crushing injuries to head, chest and pelvic areas when a tractor used in farms turns over
  • Limb amputation and crushing or shearing of limb or body as a result of entanglement to moving machine parts
  • Slips and falls when climbing into or climbing down from tractor cabin or when climbing on top of other farm machinery
  • Acute poisoning by overexposure to pesticide
  • Burns from heated surfaces or materials (exhaust pipes, engine blocks, fuel, oils, chemicals etc)
  • Emptying manure pits may cause workers and animals to be exposed to high concentrations of poisonous gases (hydrogen sulfide H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4)
  • Risk of various injuries when repairing machinery
  • Risk of suffocating in grain silos or grain trailers if worker gets caught under the falling grain
  • Traffic accidents when driving slow moving vehicles on public roads
  • Insect and snake bites while working in fields


    • Use a tractor equipped with rollover protection structure (ROPS) and safety belt
    • Make sure that moving parts are adequately guarded. Always stop machinery before cleaning or servicing.
    • Always support raised machinery parts when working underneath of tractors
    • Do not jump. Use provided accesses. Keep steps clean. Use non-slip footwear
    • Read and follow safety instructions supplied on product label. Use appropriate personal protective equipment
    • Acquire sufficient skills for operation
    • Do not enter public roads with machinery which is not up to regulations
    • Do not work alone
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