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    Causative agent ENTAMOEBA HISTOLYTICA which is the third most common cause of death from parasitic disease worldwide. Very high incidence in developing countries .

    Mode of Transmission:

    Consumption of food, water contaminated by amoebic cysts from a infected person or by person to person spread in homosexuals. Water sources contaminated by feces infected with cysts or vegetative forms of E. Histolytica.

    Signs and Symptoms:

    Asymptomatic in 90% of cases .others will have abdominal pain, mild diahhorea or dysentry.Some times it can cause an abscess(collection of pus) in liver.


    Stool examination to look for A.cysts, or vegetative forms.


    1. Metronidazole for 5 to 10 days.
    2. Tinidazole.
    3. Ornidazole.

    Prevention :

    Protected water supply, treatment of food handlers. periodic medical examination of food handlers. To implement strict personal hygiene of the workers.


    GIARDIASIS is caused by giardia lamblia

    Mode of transmission:

    Contamination from environment, fecal contamination food and water. Person to person spread.

    Symptoms and signs:

    Loose motions , malabsorption , it can be asymptomatic ,abdominal pain, belching,   bloating,flatus,vomiting.

    Diagnosis :

    By stool examination.

    Treatment :

    1. Metronidazole
    2. Furazolidin


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