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      It is a viral disease caused by ARBOVIRUS group of viruses. It is of African origin. The actual   meaning of the word inswahelei is “Man bent by fever”. The virus is carried by mosquito called   AEDES EGYPTI. The mosquito carries the virus from the infected person to a host, injecting   the virus through its saliva.

      Signs and symptoms:

      Severe joint pains, fever, rash. This disease is self limiting but joint pains and swellings can   persist for more than a year.


      There is no specific treatment, symptomatic treatment for joint pains and fever with   paracetamol tablets upto 4 grams per day.


      Mosquito control by fogging, insecticide spray, use of mosquito curtains, repellent creams.   Removal of the breeding places of the mosquito.


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