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Child At School


  • The child continues to grow during the school years, though at a slightly lower rate .An adequate diet is essential even during this period of life.


  • The child would have learnt by now the eating habits in the family and will be familiar with the foods usually prepared in the home. Home diets of several school children are inadequate in many essential nutrients. To offset the deficiency of these home diets, school-going children should have supplementary foods rich in protein and other body building elements. This ensures the proper growth of the school child.


  • The mid- day meal programs in schools offer an excellent opportunity to provide nutritious supplementary food needed by the school child. But a field study done by the National Institute of Nutrition showed that in some places where school lunch programs were in operation the quantities of food eaten by the child at home had been cut down. This defeats the purpose of the school lunch program. Parents must, therefore, be educated so that the school meal is in reality a supplement to and not a substitute for the home diet.


  • Recipes suitable for use as supplementary food for the schoolchild are given in the brochure “Menus for Low – cost Balanced Diets and School –Lunch Programs” brought out by this Institute.



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