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Danger Signs of the New Born

  • Baby not breathing of having diffuculty breathing/ baby has a feeble cry.

  • Low birth weight/baby too small/ preterm baby (less than 8 months of pregnancy).

  • Convulsions

  • Baby is cold to touch (Hypothermia)

  • Baby unable to suck or having a weak suck and / or baby is sluggish

  • Signs of infections
    • Distension of abdomen
    • Diarrhoea
    • Redness, swelling around the cord
    • Red, swollen eyes with discharge

  • In Case of Danger sign, Arrange transport to suitable health care provider. In the meantime, provide the baby extra warmth, more frequent breast feeds and close contact with the mother.

What can be done to provide warmth to the newborn?

  • Keeping the baby inside the mother's clothes, so that there is skin - to - skin contact. This method, known as 'Kangaroo Care' is a very good way of providing warmth.

  • If the mother is ill or cannot be near the baby, baby should be covered in 2 - 3 layers of cloth. Keep the head of the newborn covered. Baby should be better covered during winters and rains.

  • Ensure that the room where the baby is delivered and where the baby and the mother stay is kept warm. It should shielded from draughts of cold breeze. keep the fan closed.

  • Use a warmer in the room during the winters. (Ensure that is is safe and smokeless).

    If the Baby is Cold to Touch

  • Continue skin - to - skin contact with mother, wrapping both mother and baby in a sheet or quit depepnding on the weather.

  • Heat the room to provide additional warmth to the baby.

  • No part of the newborn's body is to be exposed, but for a small part of its face. Cover the child with 3 - 4 layers

  • Breast - feed more frequently.

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