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Diary Farm Workers

Bilogical Hazards


  • Respiratory and systemic symptoms from exposure to mouldy material may cause the development of farmer's lung disease (FLD).
  • Organic dust toxicity syndrome (ODTS), acute and chronic bronchitis, occupational asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, eye irritation, dermatitis by exposure to organic respirable dusts (animal dust, dust from feed and bedding, hay and grain dust)
  • Zoonoses( intestinal diseases, respiratory disorders, dermatoses common to both man and animal) by direct or indirect contact with diseased animals, manure, urine and bedding, or through animal products or contaminated water, soil or plants.


    • Use appropriate personal protective equipment (incl. clothing).
    • Use methods which will prevent materials from growing moldy during storage. Handle mouldy and dusty materials last, before leaving the building. Moisten mouldy and dusty material before handling it. Ventilate properly.
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