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Fractures, Dislocation & Sprains



  • Handle the patient very gently. Avoid all unnecessary movement.
  • Immobilize or splint the damaged extremity before moving the patient.

•  There is always a piece of wood or a stick or some straight, firm object that can be used as an improvised splint and immobilize the fractured area

•  It is essential that the rescuer be familiar with the use of bandages and splints.

•  If the broken ends of bones are seen outside the wound must be covered with a clean dressing or if none is available, a clean handkerchief.

•  A tourniquet should be applied temporarily if there is bleeding from fractured site

•  A tourniquet should be released every twenty minutes for a few minutes to restore circulation.

•  Never sit the patient up or bend or move the injured part any more than it's absolutely necessary.

•  Always move the patient to a hospital in a lying-down position.

  • If there is no danger to life then temporary attention to the fracture is often sufficient.


•  •  Do not move the injured part until the extent of the injury has been determined.

•  Do not wash the wound or apply antiseptics to the end of the bone if broken ends of bone are shown out

•  Do not handle the fracture unnecessarily


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