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Whole wheat 35g.

Greengram dal 20g.

Groundnuts 10g.

Jaggery 30g.





Roast wheat, greengram dal and groundnuts separately. Grind and mix them up and in

air-tight containers. Instead of greengram, Bengalgram can also be used.



Method of feeding


While inclusion of skim milk powder is desirable, it may so happen that sometimes this is not available. Even in such cases, it is possible to prepare infant foods based on locally available foods as indicated above. If skimmed-milk powder is available, about 10g. can be included in the above formula replacing the cereal or millet to the extent.


Whenever required, take suitable amounts (say 60-70g. or 3 tablespoonful) of any of the above recipes (Nos. 5-9) and mix with a small amount of hot water. Add more sugar, if required, before feeding.



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